Success of Teenage Dream Single gave Darren Criss a regular role at Glee (Video)

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The success of Teenage Dream single made Darren Criss to have a regular role at Glee, according to international news sites on Monday.

Apparently, Columbia said the Darren Criss’ acapella version of the Katy Perry’s song Teenage Dream sold more than 55,000 copies after its released on Tuesday, which the highest first-day sales for one of the Glee songs.

Darren Criss, a half-Filipino and half-Irish singer, has now a regular role at Glee and was confirmed by the show’s creator Ryan Murphy on his interview posted at

“I think there’s a hunger for him and a positive relationship role model. He’ll definitely continue through the year and longer. We just signed a deal with him…” Murphy said.

And when he was asked if Blaine (Darren Criss’ character at Glee) will eventually become the boyfriend of Kurt (Chris Colfer’s role), Murphy said that they have not yet ‘decided and still writing on it’.

And although Criss has now a regular role at Glee, his rep apparently told The Hollywood Reporter that the deal was not ‘formal’ but Murphy said the singer will also appear on the next season.

Below is the YouTube video of Darren Criss’ performance that was said to have given him a regular role at Glee , uploaded by Glee on Fox.

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