Study: Sugary and sweetened drinks increases High Blood pressure risk

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A recent study in London showed that sugary and sweetened drinks such as soft drinks may increase the risk to experience high blood pressure.

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According to reports, the study revealed that drinking too many sugary beverages is likely to raise the risk of high blood pressure.

The study, which was conducted to 2696 volunteers in eight areas in the US and two areas in UK, aged between 40 and 59, was published on the Hypertension journal on Monday.

After volunteers have recorded their intake in the last 24 hours, the researchers analyzed their urine samples which lead to the result of their findings.

Apparently, the data showed that for every extra can of sugary drink consumed per day, participants on average had a higher blood pressure by 1.6mmHg and a higher diastolic blood pressure by 0.8mmHg.

In conclusion, the report said that people who consumed excess sweetened beverages such as soft drinks are more likely to be overweight and has a higher risk to have high blood pressure.

A person with a blood pressure level of 135mmHg over 85mmHg has twice the risk to most likely to have a heart attack or stroke as compared to someone with a reading of 115 over 75, the report said.

However, the link of sugary drinks to high blood pressure was said to be still significant even after adjusting the weight and height factors.

Researchers added that the link between sugary drinks and higher blood pressure was especially strong to people who also eat salty foods.

“It’s widely known that if you have too much salt in your diet, you’re more likely to develop high blood pressure.” Professor Paul Elliott of Imperial College London was quoted as saying, the senior author of the study.

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