Study Revealed HPV Infects Countless Men Producing No Symptoms

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Human papillomavirus
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A study conducted by  Prof. Ana R. Giuliano et al has revealed that out of the first batch of 1, 159 volunteers from Brazil, Mexico and the US, 50% were infected with HPV; most of them were asymptomatic. The results were revealed March 1, 2011.

The HPV or the Human Papillomavirus is one of the causative agents of cervical cancer in women and can be prevented through vaccination. In men, it occurs without symptoms most of the time, and gets cleared gradually by the homeostatic ability of the body to achieve balance and normal function.  The respondents in the study had their particular HPV virus cleared over a period of 7 to 52 months.

The study also revealed that the incidence of oncogenic HPV in men increased, as the number of their female sexual partners increased.

The HPV can be transmitted though to a sexual partner while infected, so vaccination is advised for men, as well. The persistence of the presence of the genital HPV virus in men can cause genital warts.

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