Study: Coffee may protect against DNA damage

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A daily cup of coffee may protect against DNA damage, according to a recent pan-European study.

Nutra Ingredients USA, the study showed that coffee can reduce the oxidative damage to DNA by 12 percent.

The report came after 38 people participants that were observed showed no changes in overall antioxidants.

The research that came from University of Vienna, Nestlé, and the University of Belgrade resulted that the paper-filtered coffee, which is the most widely consumed form Central Europe and the US; may protect oxidative damage of DNA.

“It is conceivable that an indirect effect such as reduced uptake of glucose via the gastrointestinal tract, which was seen with specific types of coffee and with chlorogenic acids play a major role.” The researchers wrote.

“The alterations of the energy metabolism may lead to reduced reactive oxygen species formation in the mitochondria.” They added.

The said findings were published in Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis.

The study was funded by the Institute of Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC); a scientific consortium of European coffee companies.

Coffee is one of the largest traded merchandise in the world; being produced in more than 60 countries, and generates more than $70 billion in retail sales a year.

This continues to attract research and interest, and has been linked to reduced risks of certain diseases, especially of the liver and diabetes.

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