Stranded penguin found at New Zealand beach moved to Wellington Zoo for treatment

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A stranded penguin was found on a New Zealand beach early this week and was moved to Wellington Zoo on Friday, June 24, 2011, where it is now being treated.

Stranded penguin in New Zealand
Image Credit: Liu Jieqiu/Xinhua

As noted at that day, the stranded penguin was found at the Peka Peka Beach in Kapiti Coast, around 60km north of Wellington, and was transferred to Wellington Zoo for treatment.

Apparently, the penguin’s poor health condition was said to have gone to worst since it was found and has now a 50-50 chance of survival, according to the report.

The young Emperor penguin, dubbed as “Happy Feet“, whose gender is not yet known, was said to have been from Antarctica, which is around 4,000 kilometers away from where it was found.

Meanwhile, the Department of Conservation (DoC), which took care of the stranded penguin, told Xinhua that an X-ray has been conducted to the poor bird.

In Antartica, penguins were noted to be eating snow to keep its body cold but DoC told reports that the lost penguin had been eating sand probably thinking that it is snow.

“Temperature is a major issue for it, we just need to monitor its well-being in these sorts of climates,” DoC biodiversity manager Peter Simpson was quoted as saying, noting that the poor bird had also eaten sticks.

Interestingly, people in New Zealand considered the lost penguin to be a rare visitor since the last penguin they have spotted in their place was said to be 44 years ago.

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