Stolen Beehive Outside Haven Restaurant Weighs 500 lbs (Video)

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A beehive weighing about 500 lbs was stolen just outside the Haven Restaurant in Houston, Texas according to reports by several international news sites on Friday, March 16, 2012.

Reports say that the bees in the stolen beehive “aren’t just any ol’ bugs. The restaurant started the hive from scratch and watched the bees grow into adulthood. They pollenate the restaurant’s garden and make actual honey that the restaurant uses.”

Executive Chef and co-owner of Haven restaurant, Randy Evans, revealed that he shelled out $1,000 to raise and maintain the bees and their home.

Below is a kxan Youtube video news about the stolen beehive outside Haven restaurant.

Houston police were having a hard time identifying the suspect from a CCTV camera recording since the stolen beehive location was too dark. However, under the shady image, it can be seen that the suspect snatched the beehive and loaded it at the back of a truck.

Residents in the area believes that beehive heist is on the rise because of the money involve in maintaining them. Concerns of residents maintaining beehive were raised in the following video from KHOU.

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