Stevie Wonder Obama song ‘Keep Moving Forward’ mentions the president’s achievements (Lyrics Video)

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Legendary singer Stevie Wonder released an Obama song titled ‘Keep Moving Forward,’ as shown in the lyrics video below, which highlights the achievements of US President Barack Obama in his four years in office, in his bid for second term in the coming US election on Tuesday, November 6 against Mitt Romney.

Stevie Wonder President Obama

Stevie Wonder and US President Barack Obama
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“It’s your right. Go out and vote! Let’s Keep Moving Forward.” A statement of Stevie Wonder‘s message reads on the start of the video and on the YouTube description. The Obama song lyrics include the Obamacare, foreign policy, college for all, ending the war in Iraq, among others.

The 4-minute YouTube video, which was uploaded by Stevie Wonder‘s official YouTube channel on Friday, October 26, 2012 has the complete song lyrics being shown in the dark background, while the Obama song created in a dance music mode is being played.

“Here we are, it’s a brand new day/Four years ago the skys were a darker gray/Troops coming home, we’re ending the wars/It’s time for peace/cause that’s who we are/Jobs for all that succeed in their task/And health care for the middle class/The common man deserves a chance/Barack‘s the one who will take a stance.” Wonder sings on the first part.

“So, keep moving forward, don’t turn around/Keep moving forward, we can’t turn back now/Keep moving forward/don’t turn it around/Keep moving forward, don’t let them bring us down…We can’t afford to go backwards now/Keep moving forward, don’t turn back now/Barack’s the man, don’t let them bring us down.” Wonder added.

Earlier this month, Wonder, 62, a long time Obama supporter, joined Katy Perry, Bon Jovi, and Earth, Wind & Fire at a political campaign rally for President Obama in Las Vegas, in front of around 6,000 Obama supporters. He now joins the likes of Bruce Springsteen, who also wrote a song for Barack Obama.

Stevie Wonder Obama song ‘Keep Moving Forward’ lyrics video
Video Credit: TheRealStevieWonder/YouTube

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