Stefan And Erika Svanstrom Survives Six Disasters During Four Month Honeymoon

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Stefan And Erika Svanstrom Family
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Stefan and Erika Svanstrom, the honeymooners from Stockholm, Sweden encountered a remarkable six natural disasters on their recent four-month honeymoon, as reported by international news sites.

The couple brought their infant daughter for the celebration of their marriage, but they encountered several disasters that include a monster snowstorm, flooding in Australia and a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The honeymooners had their first disaster in Munich, where a snowstorm delayed their flight a day before they flew off to Singapore. After that, they had a nice vacation in Thailand but they were caught by monsoons during their stay in Bali. Another disaster occurred in Cairns, Australia where a disastrous cyclone forced them to join a group shelter with thousands of people asking for refuge. The couple also narrowly escaped bush fires in Perth.

After the Svanstrom arrived in New Zealand, a 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit the place. In Japan, they experienced the most devastating earthquake and tsunami that resulted to a nuclear crisis in the nation’s Fukushima Nuclear power plant.

The Svanstroms had a nice and calm stop to China, before returning to Stockholm last March 29, 2011.

Throughout those disasters, Erika said, “At least we are fortunate when it comes to love”.

The couple’s story went viral, as they may even be flown to New York to guest on Good Morning America. The Swedish travel company Ving also offered money to the newlyweds to take a trip to Aruba, which is considered a disaster-free destination.

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