Starbucks U.S. products Indivisible collection launched, to support Create Jobs for USA fund project

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Starbucks Coffee Company launched on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 its U.S. products called the Indivisible collection to support Create Jobs for USA, a program which aims to create more jobs for Americans and to retain jobs across the country.

As announced by Starbucks on its official press site that day, the Indivisible collection includes Indivisible Blend Coffee and two new products, where the coffee giant will donate to Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) for the Create Jobs for USA fund for every purchase made from the collection.

According to Starbucks, Citi Community Development and the Citi Foundation will be donating $1 million to the Create Jobs for USA fund, and nearly 15,000 Citi employees across the US will wear Indivisible wristbands on Saturday, June 16 during their volunteer service in their annual Global Community Day.

“In these troubling economic times, we believe that we can all do our part to help make a positive impact on the jobs crisis facing our country.” Starbucks Chairman, President and CEO Howard Schultz was quoted in the report.

“The Create Jobs for USA program is helping thousands of Americans get back to work, and we thank Citi and the other like-minded companies who have refused to be bystanders and instead opted to use their success and scale for good.” Schultz added, noting that the Indivisible collection will be a big help.

Below is the list of the upcoming Starbucks U.S. products, along with their costs and the amount to be donated to Create Jobs for USA fund for every purchase made from them, which will be available starting June 12 through July 9, or while supplies last.

* Indivisible Blend 1lb Bag Whole Bean Coffee ($14.95, $5 donation) – A coffee made from a blend of washed Kenya and Ethiopia coffees; with a 5-cent donation per purchased cup of the brewed coffee also to be made from June 11 to July 8, 2012.

* Indivisible Ceramic Mug ($9.95, $2 donation) – A 12-ounce white ceramic mug, which was created exclusively for Starbucks by artisans at the American Mug & Stein factory in East Liverpool, Ohio.

* Indivisible Acrylic Art Tumbler ($11.95, $2 donation) – A 16 ounce tumbler made from 35 percent recycled material and was manufactured in Chicago, featuring a red, white and blue graphic design with the words “Visibly Indivisible.”

New Starbucks U.S. products: (From L-R) Indivisible Blend Coffee, Indivisible Ceramic Mug and
Indivisible Acrylic Art Tumbler

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