Starbucks $1 reusable cups now being offered in US and Canada, part of waste reduction project

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Starbucks launched its $1 reusable cups offer, which is part of their project to cut down waste, wherein customers in the US and Canada can help save the planet and will have a discount of ten cents. The Seattle-based coffee giant had implemented this program starting today, Thursday, January 03, 2013.

Starbucks reusable cup

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“Reducing the environmental impact of our cups depends on the success of two interrelated efforts: developing recyclable cup solutions and dramatically increasing our customers’ use of reusable cups.” A statement reads at on their Recycling & Reducing Waste page.

“Many of our customers are also working to reduce their own environmental impact even as we are. Customers enjoying their beverage in-store can also request that it be served in a ceramic mug where available. Every paper cup saved helps keep our forests intact.” Starbucks added.

As noted in the 2011 report by Starbucks, customers have used their own personal tumblers for more than 34 million times, or almost 2% of all the beverages being served in global company-owned stores. The goal of their $1 reusable cups is to serve 5% of beverages made in their stores in personal tumblers by 2015.

Starbucks also mentioned its earlier initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of their disposable cups, which started in 1997 when they launched their recycled-content cup sleeve, which is not only to protect customers from hot beverages, but also to avoid the waste of “double cupping.”

“It’s not a burden for people to buy two or three,” Jim Hanna, the director of environmental affairs at Starbucks, was quoted telling to USA Today on their January 2, 2013 report. The Starbucks $1 reusable cups are made in China, bearing the same Starbucks logo, and appears to be like their paper cups version.

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