Star Trek Logo mistaken by German TV host as Navy SEAL emblem

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As reported by a recent news site today, many will find it hard to get over this image of a German TV newscaster seriously presenting a logo created by Star Trek fans while explaining the Navy SEALs to his fellow countrymen.

According to reports, Bildblog, a German site, happens to be the first to notice the mistake with this screenshot, at right. Allegedly, Mick Locher, host of Channel N24, explained in a portion of the show that the Navy SEAL Six team raided Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan and killed him- as behind him the screen showed the emblem made by Star Trek fans.

According to a translation from TrekMovie fan site, Locher reported, “And they also have the ‘Team Six‘ that carried out the mission. They don’t have the skull in their emblem for nothing,”

Apparently Locher’s crew must have searched for “Navy SEAL Six” on the net and came upon the logo made by a Star Trek fan group called “Maquis Forces International.”

As documented, the actual emblem for Navy SEAL Team Six is below.

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