Stanford solar car Xenith unveiled, to compete at 2011 World Solar Challenge (Video)

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Stanford Solar Car Project unveiled Xenith on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011, as shown in the video below, which will compete in the upcoming 2011 World Solar Challenge.

Stanford solar car Xenith
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As announced by Stanford University on their official website, Xenith is being set to be the “world’s fastest solar car” built by students, as it joins this year’s World Solar Challenge in Australia.

Stanford’s Xenith will join other solar cars from the world’s best Technical Universities and Colleges in the 3,000-kilometer (1,864-mile) race from Darwin to Adelaide, to be held from October 16-23, 2011.

“The plan is to win,” Stanford Solar Car Project president Nathan Hall-Snyder was quoted on the report, after two years of hard work on Xenith, which was built at Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Laboratory, inside the Stanford University campus.

“This year we focused on designing the most aerodynamic shell possible, and then designed everything else to fit inside,” Hall-Snyder added, joined the 20-member Stanford Solar Car team as a freshman.

As noted at, solar car Xenith weighs about 375 pounds and has a 4-inch thin chassis and is made of a unique blend of carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum.

Standford noted that the current cost of the Xenith is about $500,000, with its driver to control the front wheel while a computer steers the two back wheels, using a three-wheel steering system.

World Solar Challenge is being held every two years with the 11th World Solar Challenge to be joined by around 30 other highly competitive teams, including cars from 20 countries.

Among other US universities that will join this solar car racing event are University of Michigan (MIT) and the University of California-Berkeley, with no American team to have won since 1987.

Stanford solar car Xenith
Image Credit: StanfordUniversity/YouTube

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