Stan Lee joins MTV to create new digital comic series The Seekers

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Comic legend Stan Lee now joins MTV to create a new digital comic series called The Seekers, international news says.

According to reports, Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment will join forces with MTV network to bring new superheroes to life.

In a telephone interview with New York Comic Con, Stan Lee said that he and MTV is scheduled the new series on Saturday, reports say.

“It involves superheroes, it involves a very high-concept plot, it’s a story such as you never have seen before, and it spans the centuries,” the 87-year old Stan Lee said.

“It (The Seekers) is “more than just a comic, it’s actually the start of a tremendous franchise.” Lee added, as he hopes it will grow into a TV series or film.

But since it has yet to be written and illustrated, MTV was reported to be holding a contest in the near future to search for an undiscovered writer and talented artist to work on the upcoming new digital comic series.

The chosen winners will be working with POW Entertainment to develop the concept and create multiple issues, reports said.

“It’s thrilling because it’s a whole new discipline,” Stan Lee said, while adding that he feels excited to work in the digital world.

Reports also said that The Seekers will soon be available for free at the newly launched MTV Geek website.

This latest website is said to be offering comics, horror, sci-fi and gaming news, as well as coverage of comic-book conventions and previews of new comic books, games and movies.

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