St Helena engraved on 16th Century Gold Pendant found by four-year old boy

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Just recently, several international news sites have reported that a 16th Century gold pendant was found by a four-year old boy in England. James Hyatt was able to unearthed the gold pendant while playing with a metal detector with his father. The treasure is reportedly worth £2.5 Million.

The reports also mentioned that the picture engraved on the gold pendant was the face of Virgin Mary. However, several sites have contested that it is the face of St. Helena that is etched on it. Several internet pictures and sketches of St Helena holding the cross seemed to justify such claim. But no one has yet confirmed the identity of the picture engraved on the 16th century treasure.

But who is St Helena?

According to several websites, St Helena was born in 248 AD at Drepanum, Bithynia, Asia Minor. She was married to emperor Constantius I Chlorus in 306 AD and is the mother of Constantine I The Great who made her an empress. No one knows however when she became a Christian. St Helena, as mentioned in several websites, was a keen archeologist who went to the Holy Land in search of the missing Cross since the Crucifixion.

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