Square Trade Study: Apple iPhone 4 most reliable smartphone, RIM Blackberry lowest accident rate

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A recent study by Square Trade showed that Apple iPhone 4 was the most reliable smartphone, while RIM Blackberry had the lowest one-year accident rate, as published on their website.

According to their report, the company analyzed the reported failure rates of more than 50,000 smart phones, where in Apple iPhone 4 was said to be the most reliable smartphone, with a 2.1% non- accident malfunction during the first year of use.

Meanwhile, RIM Blackberry landed as the one with the lowest one-year accident rate of only 6.7% while the Apple iPhone 4 had an accident rate of 13.8%, as shown in the bar graph below.

But since the iPhone 4 is being considered as the most fragile smartphone, Square Trade says they a higher drop-related damage rate after 12 months, which is maybe about nearly three times than that of the RIM BlackBerry.

Nevertheless, Square Trade concluded that the iPhone 3GS is the least likely to encounter failure, but RIM BlackBerry is not really far behind.

On the other hand, Motorola phones, HTC phones, and the iPhone 4 had the higher failure rate but not that high, while none of them were projected to go beyond a 16% failure rate.

The overall failure rates of all smartphones collected by Square Trade are also shown below.

However, Square Trade stressed out that only malfunctions reported directly to them were included in the data, and that smartphones from any particular manufacturer included in their study were not exclusively using the Android OS.

Square Trade also emphasized that the study only included smartphones that were sold after January 2008, for all brands.

The complete report, along with the pdf file copy can be found at SquareTrade.com.

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