Sporting News Survey: Kobe Bryant leads list of top 50 NBA players 2010, LeBron James ranked second

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According to the Sporting News survey; Kobe Bryant leads on the list of Top 50 NBA players for 2010, while LeBron James ranked only second, and this was the same ranking for both of them last year, 2009.

As published at on Thursday, Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Kobe Bryant remains on his throne as the Top NBA Player for two consecutive years, as voted by the panel of NBA experts.

This year’s survey, in which Sporting News (SN) have asked 76 NBA big names including players, broadcasters, general managers, and coaches revealed that LeBron James had only 22 first-place votes versus the 49-first place votes for Kobe Bryant that made the latter the best NBA player for 2010.

Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson was interviewed after the release of the list and said.

“One of the things that Kobe has always had is the ability to trust his shot, and LeBron, at some points, hasn’t always done that. That makes him more of a driver at times, which at the end of the game can be very difficult. Kobe has been very good at the end of games. … Kobe rises to big games. His performance always seems to accelerate during the playoffs.”

Below is the list of Top 10 NBA players for 2010 as the number inside the parenthesis denotes their ranking last year, as posted at

1. Kobe Bryant, Lakers (1)

2. LeBron James, Heat (2)

3. Dwyane Wade, Heat (3)

4. Kevin Durant, Thunder (21)

5. Dwight Howard, Magic (4)

6. Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets (9)

7. Dirk Nowitzki, Mavericks (8)

8. Deron Williams, Jazz (12)

9. Steve Nash, Suns (11)

10. Pau Gasol, Lakers (17)

The complete list of the Top 50 NBA Players 2010 can be viewed at Sporting News’ official website.

Meanwhile, SN contributor Mark Kass added that more information about this list can read on the December 6 issue of the Sporting News Magazine.

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