Spitzer Space Telescope By NASA Creates Impressive Pictures of North American Nebula

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NASA´s Spitzer Space Telescope creates impressing pictures from the cosmic community coined as the North American Nebula– named after its resemblance to the North American continent in visible light, as reported by international news sites and NASA.

North American Nebula
Image Credit: NASA

NASA team has identified about 2,100 young star candidates in the region, revealing different stages of development of a star’s young life, from the early years when it is swaddled in dust to early adulthood, when it has become a young parent to a family of developing planets. Sprightly “toddler” stars with jets can also be identified in Spitzer‘s view.

Before, there were only about 200 known stars. But because young stars grow up surrounded by blankets of dust, they are hidden in visible-light images. Using the Spitzer‘s infrared detectors, it can pick up the glow of the dusty, buried stars.

Luisa Rebull of NASA’s Spitzer Science Center, California Institute of Technology said that, “One of the things that makes me so excited about this image is how different it is from the visible image, and how much more we can see in the infrared than in the visible. The Spitzer image reveals a wealth of detail about the dust and the young stars here. “

With the use of the image taken by Spitzer, Rebull and her team now clearly able to distinguish the young stars in the complex and the older ones. Yet, the exact distance of the nebula from the earth remains a mystery.

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