Sperm whale explodes after eating entire greenhouse (Photo)

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sperm whale explodes

Sperm whale explodes
Credit: The Raw Story/AFP

A sperm whale exploded due to an enormous amount of garbage inside its stomach, according to an official of the Donana Biological Station (DBS) on Thursday, March 7, 2013. The sperm whale was reportedly found on Andalusia beach in Southern Spain.

Renaud de Stephanis, a DBS marine biologist, explained that the 4.5 ton sperm whale have eaten up a whole greenhouse. About 17 kgs of plastic garbage reportedly blocked the whale’s stomach and choked the giant mammal.

Below is the excerpt of an issued statement by de Stephanis.

We quickly realised that it had a real greenhouse inside its stomach. We did not expect it, but it did not surprise us.

There were a dozen metres of plastic rope, plastic sheeting used on the outside of greenhouses, and plastic sheeting used inside and even two flower pots.

It was as if it had a rock inside its intestine, nothing could get through. There was so much plastic that it finally exploded.

The sea is full of rubbish. These big plastics crumble and the little pieces also go inside fish. And that is what we end up eating.

The Spanish National Research Council reportedly oversees the operation of DBS.

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