Speeding ticket for motionless car in Baltimore reveals error (Video)

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A speeding ticket for motionless car reveals an error of high-tech devices used for tracking traffic violations in Baltimore, Maryland, according to the Baltimore Sun on Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

Speeding ticket for motionless car

Speeding Ticket For Motionless Car
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Police reportedly issued a $40 ticket to Daniel Doty who was cited for driving his four-door Mazda wagon at 38 miles per hour in a 25-mph speed zone.

The wrong citation was recorded last April 24 at the intersection of 1700 block of E. Cold Spring Lane and Hillen Road in the Northeast Baltimore.

The driver appealed his ticket because the photos and video clip that accompanied the speeding citation showed that his car is in full stop at an intersection.

Doty said that it’s “shockingly obvious” in the police images that his car was motionless at the time he was caught over-speeding.

Motionless car cited for over-speeding
Video Credit: Baltimore Sun

Reports say that Police are using radar guns, speed cameras and other technologies to monitor and catch traffic violations.

Baltimore speed camera contractor, Xerox State and Local Solutions explained that ticketing procedures passes through several levels of verification to ensure accuracy of the citation.

On Friday, Baltimore District Court Judge Melissa K. Copeland reportedly dismissed the case filed by Doty. The driver was reportedly asking the judge to award him costs for the time taken to fight the citation ticket. Judge Copeland explained that Doty‘s demand is “really outside the purview of the court.”

Reports say that several complaints were already filed against errors by the Baltimore traffic monitoring system.

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