Spanish Cathedral Structure Made Of Salvaged Materials By Don Justo Gallego Martinez

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An elderly man known as Don Justo Gallego Martinez reportedly built a Spanish cathedral almost with his own hands. The cathedral was said to be made of salvaged materials, international news reported.

Don Justo was said to be a former monk who dedicated his life in building a cathedral after leaving the monastery due to an illness. He reportedly use his own money and his own land in building the cathedral since 1961.

The cathedral which was built from trash was located in the Spanish village of Mejorada del Campo in Madrid. It is about 130 feet tall.

According to BBC News, Don Justo is not an architect or a bricklayer and has no training related to construction. He based his cathedral design on St. Peter‘s cathedral and also borrowed ideas from the White House and other various castle and churches in Madrid.

The Spanish structure was said to be made of recycled materials. Some rejected bricks and broken tiles were collected from nearby factories and yards while many concrete support columns were formed from old oil drums.

Reports said that the building does not have a permit. It was said that it is very difficult to get a permit since there are minimum standards that need to be followed. However, the city of Madrid has tolerated its existence because it became an icon of the town and unlikely to be torn down.

Spanish Cathedral Made From Trash

Cathedral Made From  Trash

Spanish Structure Salvage From Trash

Photo Credits: Jose.Madrid

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