Spanish air traffic reopens as strike ends, airports going back to normal

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Spanish air traffic now reopens as the two-day strike finally ended, and airports are slowly going back to normal, according to international news sites on Saturday afternoon.

The announcement was made after the government intervened with the striker and earlier declared State of Emergency; and even warned the strikers that they will be prosecuted if they will not go back to their posts.

The service of airports in Spain may be totally back to normal within 24 to 48 hours, as told to the news by Public Works Minister Jose Blanco.

Airport authority AENA has apparently confirmed that some flights have already resumed.

The strike which apparently started on Friday caused airports to be closed and numerous flights were canceled, with tens of thousands of passengers stranded.

As reported earlier, the strike was due to new guidelines were issued by the Director of Air Navigation Carmen Librero, which limits the workers to 1,670 hours of work a year without sick leave.

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