Spam E-mails volume drops big starting Christmas Day, spammers shifting to Facebook and Twitter

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The volume of spam e-mails started to drop dramatically since Christmas Day, according to Symantec which makes a monthly monitoring report of spam e-mails being sent worldwide.

In the graph shown below, results show that there was a big drop of spam emails sent globally on December 25 and still going down, from about 60 to 80 billion spam emails from December 1 to December 24, but went down to 30 billion on Christmas Day.

Another graph from Symantec’s global prediction of spam emails below showed that last year experienced a gradual drop, from about 210 billion in August to about 70 billion in December.

Apparently, there were no reported solid reason for the big drop of spam e-mails but Symantec referred to MessageLabs’ report that Rustock botnet, which was said to be responsible in producing the most produced spam botnet monthly, had a huge reduction in output.

Symantec Hosted Services senior analyst Paul Wood told BBC News that Rustock botnet had only 0.5% of the spam e-mails worldwide in December, which usually contributes from 47 to 48 percent monthly.

In addition, Mr. Woods said that Lethic and Xarvester, which are also considered as top spamming botnets, went down simultaneously with Rustock.

But while anti-spam campaign groups should be happy about this, Websense researcher Carl Leonard warned the public that spammers these days may have been into other strategies in sending spam e-mails.

Mr. Leonard said that spammers may now be shifting their businesses to social networking sites, particularly to Facebook and Twitter.

In an earlier report, Twitter spammers allegedly attacked Gawker website while a suspected Facebook spammer claims that an app allows users to know who checked their profile.

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