Spain Earthquake: Rome Quake Forecast Triggered Romans To Flee The City

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Raffaele Bendandi
Raffaele Bendandi – The Man Behind
The Rome Quake Forecast

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Spain has been reported earlier to have struck by two consecutive earthquakes that have damaged some houses and historical churches and have taken some lives of people.

In Rome, thousands of Romans have fled the city on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 to escape an earthquake forecasted in 1915 by Raffaele Bendandi, a self-described seismologist.

Bendandi was said to have predicted a big earthquake that would strike Rome on May 11, 2011. Fears over the said earthquake has been spread out through Twitter, Facebook and text messages which have caused the panic.

Reports said that shops in Chinatown district and Piazza Vittorio were closed with sign reading “Closed for serious family reasons” or “Closed for inventory”.

Some employees filed for a leave while others took their day off. Children at school were being taken out by their parents and have left the town for the day.

According to Telegraph, more than 20 tremors have been reported to have hit Italy on Wednesday, but “there have never been any strong earthquakes confirmed under the city,” Enzo Boschi, head of the National Institute Of Geophysics and Vulcanology was quoted saying.

Meanwhile, Spain that was hit by two destructive earthquake on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 is just about 800 miles away from Rome, same date of Bendandi‘s prediction.

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