Spain Earthquake: Possible Major Aftershocks Trigger Spanish People To Flee The City

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Spain Earthquake
People spend the night outside
their homes in Lorca, Spain, in the early
hours of Thursday, May 12, 2011.

Image Credit: AP Photo / Alberto Saiz

Thousands of Spanish people have fled the city on Thursday, May 12, 2011 to escape possible major aftershocks that could be stronger than the two earthquakes that hit Spain on Wednesday, which took 10 lives and have caused huge damage in properties.

According to international news, some residents in Lorca went to nearby cities and towns to stay with their relatives after the two earthquakes struck Spain.

Some residents are camping in parking lots with their families while others choose to spend the night in tents outside their home in fear that even more buildings would collapse if a strong aftershock would happen.

Reports said that after the second earthquake on Wednesday, 37 aftershocks were felt which lasted through Thursday morning. The largest aftershock lasted about half an hour after midnight with a 3.9 magnitude.

Meanwhile, Spain‘s government promised to set up shelters that would house around 3,500 people, international news reported.

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