Southwest Pilot Suspended After Radio Rant Now Reinstated

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Pilots of Southwest Airlines
Pilots of Southwest Airlines
Image Credit: Southwest Airlines

The Southwest Airlines pilot who was suspended after a disrespectful comments about his older and overweight female co-workers has been reinstated, according to international news reports on Wednesday, June 22, 2011.

It was said that the Southwest pilot was accidentally heard over an air-traffic control frequency by dozens of pilots and air traffic controllers. The pilot was talking with another crew member and did not realize that his microphone was on.

The air traffic controllers submitted the tape to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on that same day and was identified that the pilot was from a Southwest airline flight, reports said.

Southwest spokeswoman Brandy King said in a report that the pilot was reprimanded and suspended without pay because of the said incident which happened in March.

The pilot was not identified by Southwest Airlines, but was said that he was reinstated after going through diversity training.

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