South storm death toll rises to 200, Tuscaloosa tornado caught on camera (Video)

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The latest death toll caused by storms in the Southern region of the US have already reached 200, as a tornado landing in Tuscaloosa was caught on camera, as shown in the video below.

Tuscaloosa tornado
Image Credit: AP/YouTube

According to US news sites on Thursday, April 28, 2011, at least 200 people were killed in the latest update of the storms in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and two other states.

Reports said that there are confirmed 131 casualties in Alabama alone, 32 in Mississippi, 15 in Tennessee, 13 in Georgia, 8 in Virginia and one in Kentucky.

According to the latest update at the National Weather Service (NWS) website, they have received more than 150 reports of tornadoes on Wednesday, where majority of them are in northern Mississippi and Alabama.

The website also called it as a “major tornado outbreak of historic proportions”, where the number of casualties is being expected to increase.

Authorities told reports that that was severe destruction on the affected areas; roads were blocked with debris such as business signage and tree branches, among others.

Below is a raw video of the tornado that landed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which reports say it could have been on the ground for 176 miles with winds between 167 and 200 mph.

Massive Tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Video Credit: AP/

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