South Korea Cancels New Artillery Drill In The Waters Near Yeonpyeong Island

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Lee Myung-bak, Walter Sharp
Image Credit: AP Photo/Yonhap

According to several news sites, the joint military practice of South Korea and the US Navy to carry out new artillery drills was cancelled hours after the authorities on the island announced the planned exercises.

Reports said that the marine unit on the island mistakenly announced the drill without asking approval from higher military authorities. Officials said that the cancellation has nothing to do with North Korea and the drills will take place at a later date.

Meanwhile, a South Korean destroyer and a nuclear-powered U.S supercarrier performed a joint military exercises in the waters south of the island. Jets roared in a united show of force by the long time allies as they took off from the carrier.

On the other hand, Holly Williams, a Sky News China correspondent said: “The US and South Korea say the military exercises are defence in nature, but in reality they are a show of force.

“These exercises are clearly meant as a reminder to the North that if push ever came to shove on the Korean peninsula, they would be massively outgunned.

“They are the biggest naval exercises ever held between South Korea and the US at 7,000 personnel involved and at their centre a nuclear powered US aircraft carrier.”

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