Sore Eyes is Highly Contagious and is still Infecting People

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Manila, Philippines – December 10, 2010. Sore eyes or conjunctivitis is contagious and is still infecting people as of this date.  Even if the warning was issued by Health secretary Manuel Dayrit of the Department of Health last September, 2010, the disease still continues to plague many individuals.

Sore eyes usually occur during the summer months, March to April, and between the wet and dry seasons, October to December.

Usually companies do not allow their employees to report for work because of the very infectious nature of the disease. Sore eyes can last from one week to two weeks depending on the severity of the condition.  The infecting agent may also be a virus or a bacterium.

Symptoms of sore eyes include itching, reddening, inflammation, burning, and watering of the eyes. It can be transmitted readily through the tears or secretion coming from the eyes of the infected person.

The public is warned also from using breast milk or urine to treat sore eyes because according to president of the American Eye Center, Dr. Jack Arroyo, it may even introduce new eye diseases to the patient.

Observing personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness are ways to prevent the spread of the disease.  Frequent hand-washing is still the best method in preventing the spread of sore eyes.

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