Sony Internet TV prices revealed: Pre-order now available

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Recently, four HDTV‘s loaded with the Google TV interface and a Google TV Blu-ray player were officially launched by Sony. Now, the price list has been released.

Sony, the first company to deliver Google TV, or what they call now as Sony Internet TV, revealed the prices today, and pre-order is now available.

According to Sony on their website, Sony Internet TV will have a price ranging from $399.99 for the Blu-ray player to $1,399.99 for the 46-inch HDTV.

The four HDTVs and Blu-ray player will all include a remote control, which features a thumb-sized QWERTY keyboard.

The company said the remote has design elements borrowed from a controller of a Sony PS3, which includes the trigger buttons on top and two directional pads on the front.

The Sony Internet TV will use Google‘s Android operating system and is being powered by an Intel Atom processor, which will now allow users to access both TV and Internet via Google Chrome.

As of now, the company said there will not be so many Google TV apps available, which include Netflix and Twitter as some of them.

However, Sony said they will update its operating system early next year so that Android Market app with more options will be available.

And while it was mentioned earlier that the Sony Internet TV Blu-Ray player for $399, the prices for the HDTV series can be seen from the price matrix below, which we got from

Pre-order for all of the above Sony Internet TV sets are now available at the Sony website, SonyStyle, and BestBuy.

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