SolarKindle cover: World’s first Amazon Kindle solar cover to be unveiled at CES 2012, sale starts January 15

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The SolarKindle cover, the world’s first Amazon Kindle solar cover, will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 and will be sold starting Sunday, January 15 for $79.99.

SolarKindle Lighted Cover
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According to its press release, the SolarKindle cover, created by SolarFocus Technology Company Ltd., will be introduced at the CES 2012, in Las Vegas, January 10-13, 2012 (Tuesday to Friday).

As noted in the report, the SolarKindle cover, which won the International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award last November 8, is the world’s first solar e-reader cover.

The SolarKindle Lighted Cover has a dual charging capability; one is via USB and the other is through its solar reserve battery, which is useful when conventional power sources are not available such as when traveling, camping, or away from home or office.

SolarFocus noted that one hour under direct sunlight of the SolarKindle cover promises up to 3 days reading time using the solar panel integrated on the device, which converts solar energy to battery power.

With the reserve battery transferring energy to the Kindle‘s main battery, reading time is being extended, with the LED lamp can run up to 50 hours continuously without the use of the main battery.

SolarKindle also includes a 3-month guarantee for unplugged Kindle use under normal sunlight environment, besides being a premium leather cover and not being bulky in nature.

The SolarKindle Lighted Cover will be available at retailers on the said and on its official website at, where other information about the device can also be found.

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