Solar Panels: Japan’s Alternative Power Source, Facebook Adapts Technology

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Solar Panels
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Solar panels are gaining popularity as a safe alternative source of energy as more companies are resorting to these solar panels.

According to San Francisco Chronicle, April 24, Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan said that Japan has to change its plans because of the catastrophe caused by the nuclear plants; with an estimated budget of 150 billion by Goldman Sachs for the more expensive but safer panels.  Solar panels without solar cells however are being looked into as a cheaper alternative.

Meanwhile Facebook has also adapted the technology in its data center in Prineville, Oregon. According to Date Center Knowledge, April 16,  Facebook is one among the few data centers that utilize solar panels, including Emerson Network Power in Missouri, and in California. These are data centers which are committed to a safer environment.

In Bangladesh, solar panels bring electricity to millions of Bangladesh residents. According to CNN, the solar panels are not only self-sustaining but also brings   jobs to local technicians.

In Washington, solar panels are also utilized by the Seattle Apartments, which is the largest residential area to use the energy saving technology. The 213 solar photovoltaic panels can produce 50.1 kilowatt array.


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