Solar Flare Causes Disruption of Satellite Communications, GPRS, Radio Transmissions and Spectacular Northern Lights (Video)

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Solar Flare
Image Credit: NASA/SDO

The solar flare caused by a solar eruption or solar storm last Tuesday, August 2 is expected to hit the earth early Friday, August 5. The solar flare caused more magnificent Northern Lights display and more. This was reported by international science sources, August 6, 2011.

Disruptions of satellite communications, radio transmissions and GPRS are also expected. Skywatchers watched the spectacular view, which could be seen as far as Nebraska and the Netherlands.

According to additional news from the NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) the solar storm is expected to disrupt electronic equipment, radio transmissions, especially those located in space.

Last Wednesday and Thursday (August 3 & 4,) the solar flares reportedly caused some disruptions in the communication of planes which were en route via the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Northern Lights (aurora borealis)
Video credit: saskatoonscanner /YouTube

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