Soda Tax to be Repealed in Colorado by Republican Rep. David Balmer

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According to several international news reports, a plan to repeal sales taxes on soda has been proposed in Colorado by Republican Rep. David Balmer on Wednesday. Rep. Balmer said that his bill will help poor families to save a few pennies at the grocery stores.

Soda cans
Soda cans
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“The tax is falling on families all across Colorado, and I don’t believe the Legislature should be singling out certain beverages and taxing them. It’s unfair to tax soda,” Balmer was quoted saying.

Colorado Beverage Association (CBA) supports the proposal. Chris Howes, CBA‘s executive director, says the Legislature irrationally acted when it repealed the candy and soda tax exemptions.

“It inexplicably just picked out two items and said, ‘These are the ones we want to tax, these are the ones making people fat, not potato chips, not ice cream.’ We’ve never understood why soda, this one item, was picked out of all the items in the grocery store,” Howes was quoted saying.

People against the repeal said that doing such would cost the state “an estimated $12.3 million next year.” It was also said that soda is just another “non-essential” item in which taxation will help Colorado to rise out from its huge debt.

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