Social Security: Obama Assures Americans of Strengthening Its Services

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President Obama

The U.S. Social Security has long been a subject of debate and speculations since it become known that it is simultaneously struggling with the American economy.  Most Americans are apprehensive as to the thrust of President Obama’s government with regards to Social Security.

As reported by International News Sites, January 25, 2011, Obama’s Social Security plans were brought to the fore during his State of the Union Address where he outlined what he plans for the huge number of the Social Security beneficiaries.

The President categorically stated that the Social Security should be strengthened “for future generations,” and that beneficiaries’ benefits should not be put to risk.

This is an assurance that people have been waiting for.  If Obama would not do anything about it, then Social Security would go bankrupt by 2037.

The fact that the deficit is not because of mismanagement of the Social Security, but because of the fact that during the past the federal government had borrowed when there was surplus in the Social Security’s funds.  Hence, it is only appropriate that they “pay back” by replenishing the funds of the Social Security so beneficiaries would receive what they have painstakingly saved for several years.

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