Snoutless Dog “Kabang” Beats Cancer, Ready for Cosmetic Surgery

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Kabang, Philippines’ Hero dog
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Kabang, the Philippines’ hero dog who lost its snout after saving two girls in Zamboanga City, has beaten the cancer and is now ready for the cosmetic surgery, according to San Francisco Chronicle reports, December 26, 2012.

Based on reports, Gina Davis mentioned, “There is no evidence of any remaining tumor.” Davis is the primary care veterinarian at William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

“As far as we know she has been cured of the transmissible venereal tumor”, she added.

The ‘snoutless dog’ Kabang was brought to the veterinary hospital through the donations from 20 countries caring for the dog, as well as posts from Facebook and Twitter accounts by people who were amazed by Kabang‘s heroic act. Also, the website and pet lovers’ blogs were part of the effort, with the mission to help and save  Kabang.

According to reports, Kabang is now at a nearby medical boarding facility for a forced bed rest in order to avoid dead worms circulating in her bloodstream.The last two doses of heartworm medicine are planned 24 hours apart, in the second week of January 2013.

“It will be one to two months for her to recover from that before she goes in and has the surgery,” Davis added.

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