Smoke The Donkey From Iraq Becomes an American Donkey

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Smoke the Donkey
Image Credit: Msnbc Media

Smoke The Donkey, a friend and mascot to a group of Marines living in Iraq’s Anbar Province almost three years ago, arrived in New York last week.

According to several international news sites, Smoke traveled aboard a cargo flight that originated from Turkey after a combined effort of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and retired Marine Col. John Folsom.

Reports said that Smoke the Donkey’s story began last summer of 2008, when he wandered in to Camp Taqaddum west of Fallujah, a former Iraqi air base being used by US Marines. His name originates from his color and the fact that he once snatched a cigarette from a Marine.

Smoke was transported by truck to Folsom‘s home in Omaha, Nebraska, where he will serve as a therapy animal for the Wounded Warrior Family Support organization.

“He’s an American donkey now,” Folsom said in a statement.

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