Smallpox Virus Destruction Controversy: WHO Decides Verdict on May

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Smallpox Virus
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The destruction of the last existing smallpox virus will be decided on by the World Health Organization (WHO) this May 2011. The group supporting for its destruction says that the existing samples could cause the re-emergence of the disease by deliberately misusing the virus. This is reported by science news sites, April 25, 2011.

Controversy arises as the two countries, US and Russia, are allegedly reluctant to allow the destruction of the last remaining stocks of the smallpox virus; America because of an ongoing research on an antiviral treatment. In addition, the US allegedly fears that there are still existing stocks of the virus in other countries.

The smallpox virus stocks are stored safely at the Moscow’s State Research Institute for Viral Preparations (then to Siberia), and the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.

Supporters for the continued safekeeping of the smallpox virus said that it is still not time to destroy the virus because, although the naturally existing infection is controlled, the potential threat through “deliberate misuse” of the virus is not yet eliminated.

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