Sloopy The Dancing Chihuahua Video Goes Viral

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Sloopy the dancing Chihuahua
Sloopy the Dancing Chihuahua
Image Credit: YouTube Screen Grab
Devin Contreras

Sloopy the dancing Chihuahua” video that was uploaded in YouTube by Devin Contreras on November 22, 2012 has gone viral. Devin, owner of Sloopy said in his YouTube account that he shot the video when Sloopy started dancing for the plate of turkey on the counter after their Thanksgiving meal.

“My chihuahua Sloopy, after our thanksgiving meal started dancing for the plate of turkey on the counter! He kept dancing so I put on some Miami Sound Machine and let him get busy,” as quoted from Devin Contreras’ YouTube account.

As of this posting, “Sloopy the dancing Chihuahua” video has earned more than a million views. Some people have positive comments on Contreras video while there are some who think that the video was digitally altered in some way. According to some comments, “there’s no way his little legs could possibly be moving that quickly for that long.” One comment also said that when you look closely, you can quite easily see some strings.

Below is the video of Sloopy, the dancing Chihuahua, dancing to the tune of “Conga.”

Sloopy the dancing Chihuahua
Video Credit: Devin Contreras

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