Sleman Crop Circles Found In Yogyakarta, Indonesia Is Man-Made And Not A UFO Trace

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Sleman Yogyakarta crop circles
Sleman, Yogyakarta Crop Circles
Image Credit: YouTube Clip/ Arieftito

It was reported and being speculated that the crop cirles found in Sleman, Yogyakarta in Indonesia was created by a UFO. It was said to be the first recorded incident attributed by some to close encounters of the alien kind.

However, reports said that the crop circles were man-made and not a sign from extraterrestrial visitors. The National Aeronautics and Space Agency of Indonesia has confirmed it.

According to Sri Kaloka Prabotasari, head of the Center for Applied Sciences at the agency, they have found evidence linking to the crop circles to a more earthly creation.

Authorities reportedly found human footprints covered by some collapsed paddy stalks while researchers found broken and uprooted paddy stalks.

“The paddy stalks were broken and some were uprooted because someone stepped on them,” Sri Kolaka said.

“The patterns are different in size, some are big and some are small so we are confident that it is man-made,” she added.

According to Sleman Police Chief Adjutant Sr. Comr. Irwan Ramaini, they will further investigate to identify the people who are responsible for this. He said that they would reveal the motives of this people as soon as they finish the investigation.

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