Sleepy bulldog puppy photo on Reddit goes viral (Picture)

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A cute sleepy bulldog puppy at social site Reddit, as shown in the photo below, is now going viral. It was uploaded by Reddit user youarenowpromoted on Wednesday, January 16, 2013, with the thread title “Aaaaaaand Relax.” Although it has no description, it now has 2,290 points with over 12,330 up votes.

sleepy bulldog puppy

Sleepy bulldog puppy
Image Credit: youarenowpromoted/Reddit

Amusingly, the bulldog puppy can be seen lying on his back on the floor like a human being. Its eyes are totally closed but can hardly be viewed since his wrinkled face appeared to be covering them. The dog’s muscled body is totally flat on the floor, as if the adorable animal has just finished a hard day work.

While it is not known if the one who uploaded the sleepy bulldog puppy photo is also the dog owner, the photo itself is more than enough to turn a bad mood into a good one. In fact, it has already attracted 106 comments (and still counting); with most of them found it as a relaxing scene. Below are some of them.

“I believe that is a yoga pose…upward-facing dog. heh”

“That’s the best example of savasana pose ever.”

“Someone turn down the heat before he completely melts away!”

“And English bulldogs continue to cement their place as the cutest of all dogs”

“That dog has some skills.”

“I was in a hateful mood all day until I saw this, Thank you. This is my new favorite picture of anything, ever.”

“It needs to upgrade its Melt Defense.”

“Sorry, no time to upvote. Must get bulldog puppy. Now.”

“I honestly didn’t think a dog’s front legs could go down like that. Makes me picture him standing up like that and looking a lot like a person.”

“It took me several minutes and rotations of my head to see the dog’s head and not a lump of bread dough.”

“Oh, if dogs could talk. I’d be interested to hear how his day went.”

“I spent longer than I wish to admit trying to figure out which way his face is oriented.”

“This is one of the most wonderful puppy pics I’ve ever seen.”

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