Slavery Murals Wanted To Be Removed In Atlanta Georgia Department of Agriculture By The Incoming Agriculture Commissioner

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Republican Gary Black, the newly elected agriculture commissioner in Georgia, wanted to remove seven historical paintings being displayed at the lobby of Georgia Department of Agriculture that depicts slavery, international news sites reported.

Slavery Mural In Atlanta Georgia
Image Credit: AP Photo/David Goldman

The artworks were painted by a prominent Georgia artist named George Beattie. It is a collection of eight murals painted in 1956 presenting the agricultural history of Georgia which includes the forced used of slave labor.

Black said that the slavery murals no longer represent modern agriculture and that he wanted it to be replaced with a better picture of agriculture.

Reports said that the paintings will probably go into storage after Black takes office next month.

Meanwhile, George Beasley, a sculptor and Beattie‘s friend said that the painting should not be put in wraps and should remain on display. However, Black said that it’s reasonable for him to update the department’s look and the removal of the slavery paintings will be part of it.

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