Skype CEO Tony Bates says service still 20% down, after 24 hours of worldwide outrage (Video)

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As of this writing, Skype says its service is still about 20% down, this is after about 24 hours of worldwide outrage, according to a post at Skype’s official blog on Thursday.

Incidentally, Skype also uploaded a YouTube where Skype CEO Tony Bates explained the current status of its service, where the downtime had apparently caused trouble to millions of users around the world.

As the Skype CEO revealed, around 16.5 million users across the globe are now back online on Skype, or about 80% of its expected service.

Some of the features that had been functioning normally are IM, audio and video, according to Skype; but also admits that offline IM and group video calling may take longer to resume.

Skype humbly apologized for the downtime, and announced credit vouchers are being planned to be issued to customers as a token of gratitude for their loyalty despite the recent problem encountered.

Earlier reports revealed that Skype started to encounter a worldwide network connection failure on Wednesday, at around 9 a.m. (PST), and millions of Skype Internet phone users around the world were not able to make calls, while other calls were dropped in middle of conversation.

As Skype explained, initial investigation showed that the worldwide outrage was caused by the failure of the ‘phone directories’ or what they call as supernodes, wherein many of them went offline and affected some versions of their service.

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