Skydiver’s iPhone 4 Survives Fall From 13,500 Feet

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Jarrod McKinney, a Minnesota skydiver had his iPhone 4 fell out of his pocket while skydiving at 13,500 feet. The phone fell on a factory rooftop and survived, several international news sites reported on Monday, July 18, 2011.

Skydiver's iPhone
Skydiver’s iPhone 4
Image Credit: Jarrod McKinney / CNN

According to CNN, the news site that first reported the incident, McKinney was “just absolutely shocked” when his iPhone survived the fall.

The iPhone was found on top of a building about a half-mile away from where McKinney landed with his parachute. The gadget was located using a GPS tracking app: “Find My iPhone.”

The iPhone‘s glass surfaces were shattered, as shown in the image accompanying this report. However, when they decided to call the phone, it still worked.

Here’s a snippet of McKinney‘s report on CNN iReport on how they tracked the iPhone:

Hoping the phone may have had a soft landing, I ran to my truck and fired up the “find my iPhone” app on my iPad.

As unbelievable as it sounds, my phone had fallen 13,500 ft, and was still sending out a signal. According to my iPad, it was less than 1/4 mile away, and laying on top of a factory roof.

We loaded up and drove down, only to interrupt a post 4th of July company picnic. After telling them why I was there, they offered to lift me to the roof to look for it.

I didn’t think there was anyway that the app could be that accurate, but low and behold, it was right where my iPad said it was, and it was still working!!! 13,500ft, 120mhp, to a steel roof, and still alive!! On my forklift ride back to the ground, it started to vibrate in my hand, my wife and Jumpin Joe were calling me from down below, laughing hysterically!

Once back in my Ford F150 Raptor, it synced up to my truck, and I was able to use to make call as well!

Mike Gikas, a tech editor at Consumer Reports, reportedly said that it is indeed possible that a phone could survive a major fall. “I think that can happen. I think water is harder to deal with than shock,” Gikas was quoted as saying.

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