Skeleton Of Nocturnal Flyer Ctenochasma Elegans, Pterosaur Reveals They Are Diurnal (Photo)

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Skeleton Of Nocturnal Flyer Ctenochasma Elegans

Image Credit: Journal Science

According to a Journal Science report on April 14, 2011, researchers from University of California-Davis revealed that dinosaurs are diurnal or day and night active animals.

The researches used the skeleton of nocturnal flyer Ctenochasma elegans of a pterosaur in their study.

Reports say that scientists previously believed that pterosaurs are only active during day time.

The new findings is included in the report of Ryouke Motani, a professor of Geology at UC Davis. Motani and his team of researchers came up with the new revelations as they have carefully studied the “scleral ring” in the eyes of the dinosaurs. Motani and his team studied the eye sockets of around 33 fossils of dinosaurs and compared it with 164 living species.

Motani‘s report will enable them to develop new tools in analyzing how animals lived in their environment and environmental changes affect their evolution over millions of years.

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