Six-foot lizard on loose in Colorado, residents being warned, owner says his pet is harmless (Photo)

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A six-foot lizard is reportedly on the loose in a community in Colorado, as shown in the photo below, and local Sheriff’s Office are now warning residents; although its owner said that his pet is not an aggressive animal.

According to KKTV on Monday, July 16, 2012, the six-foot lizard is named Dino and owned by a certain Greg, who requested his surname not to be published, said he owns the animal for nearly five years. He shared a photo of his pet with 11 News.

As noted in the report, Dino escaped at around 11:30 a.m. (local time) on Monday, after he somehow got loose, and run away with his harness and leash still attached. Greg noted that his 6-foot lizard pet is normally kept outside during daytime.

“He’s a member of this family. Even though they are strong, they look mean, they look aggressive, (but Dino) is not an aggressive animal. My roommate, he has 4 1/2 year old that loves this lizard and is sad that it’s gone. So like I said, he’s a very mellow lizard, he doesn’t bite.” Greg was quoted telling to KKTV.

Meanwhile, the Teller County Sheriff’s Office has already sent a reverse 911 call to residents of Woodland Park, and warned residents of Woodland West, Westwood Lakes, and Rosewood Hills sub-divisions about Dino, and that he could possibly turn into an aggressive animal.

As of Tuesday morning, the six-foot lizard, which was said to be weighing about 25 pounds, remains to be on the loose and authorities are still searching for him, with Greg noting that Dino also got loose once around the same time last year and was found after two weeks.

Dino, the six-foot lizard
Image Credit: Greg/KKTV video

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