Single mom no tip on $138 bill receipt goes viral, receives mixed reactions on Reddit (Photo)

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A single mom in the US reportedly paid for $138 bill for a single meal but left no tip, and apologized in the receipt, as shown in the photo below. The story was first featured in the social site Reddit, and is now going viral; and was even reported in various news sites including the Huffington Post, Daily Mail, among others.

Single mom no tip receipt

Single mom no tip restaurant receipt
Image Credit: PhenixSongFawkes/Reddit

“Single mom sorry.” A handwritten note reads on the Tip portion of the receipt that had a bill of $138.35. “Thank you, it was great.” The single mom wrote at the bottom. Her identity and the restaurant that issued the receipt were not known, with the story earning mixed reactions at Reddit commentators.

“I’m sure $140 could have gotten you and your kids a week worth of groceries, but instead you spend it one one meal?! For shame!” PhenixSongFawkes wrote, who uploaded the photo at Reddit on Monday, October 29, 2012. Some commentators agreed with him, saying that the woman was being selfish that time.

“Why is it so hard for people to understand what I’ve been saying over and over? The point of this post wasn’t to complain. It was to show that someone was ridiculous enough to come into a place, and use the fact that they are a single mom to not tip. Then to say everything was great.” PhenixSongFawkes added.

Apparently, there were also those questioning the authenticity of the receipt, which includes Lindsay Cross, a blogger for, who admitted that she also has been a single mom for a few years. She said she could not believe that the receipt was real, noting that no one can ever do such a thing.

“Honestly, the more I think about how anyone would do this to a waitress, the more I think it’s likely that this was just a very awful prank to make single moms look bad. We’re well aware that our waitress could be a single mom herself. And we’re normally pretty quick to help out others who are working hard.” Cross wrote.

“I guess what I’m saying is that I really don’t want this picture to be real. I want it to be a big fake so that I don’t have to feel embarrassed on behalf of single mothers. Because if this really happened, whether it was a single parent or not, it’s horrible and rude and the very worst.” Cross added.

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