Singapore Airlines Grounds Three A380s For Engine Changes

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According to various reports online, three of Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 aircraft had been grounded today for “precautionary engine changes“, after inspections made by Rolls-Royce, an airline spokeswoman said today.

“Based on further analysis of inspection findings as the investigation into last week’s [Qantas] incident progresses, we are going to be carrying out precautionary engine changes on three of our A380s,” the spokeswoman said.

Hundreds of passengers are already on board SQ238 in Melbourne, SQ231 in Sydney and SQ321 in London, all bound to Singapore, when the decision was made to get them to disembark. The airline says alternative arrangements are being made on behalf of the passengers whose travel plans are now disrupted.
According to reports, Singapore airline said that Rolls-Royce had recommended further detailed inspections of three engines. – one on each aircraft – as a “result of oil staining”.

“This is to ensure that the cause of the oil staining can be determined,” a spokesman said.

The inspections is a result of last week’s engine failure that forced an A380 from the Australian airline Qantas to turn back to Singapore shortly after takeoff.

“We apologize to our customers for flight disruptions that may result and we seek their understanding,” company spokeswoman said.

Singapore Airlines had been using their A380s, which use the same Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines as Qantas.

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