Sikorsky helicopters 30-year deal worth $3.5B signed by Turkey

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Sikorsky helicopters

Sikorsky helicopters: Black Hawk
Credit: Sikorsky

Sikorsky helicopters will soon be manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) after the Turkey government agreed to a $3.5 billion deal with the United Technologies Corp’s Sikorsky Aircraft.

Watch the Sikorsky helicopters, Black Hawk, on video by clicking here.

The Sikorsky helicopters deal was reportedly confirmed by the Turkish Prime Minister.

An initial 109 units of Sikorsky helicopters, popularly known as the Black Hawk, will be manufactured in Turkey.

Sikorsky President Mick Maurer explained that “Turkey is such an important market in terms of being a large customer, and it is also strategically important in terms of who they are in the world.

It will be the first joint venture by the Sikorsky group and the Turkish industry. TAI is the main contractor that will assemble the Turkish version of Sikorsky helicopters. Sikorsky, Aselsan and other Turkish companies will be tasked to supply the components of the helicopters.

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