Sidney Crosby: Getting Better After Concussion, but Doctors Say He May Not Play Hockey This Season

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Sidney Crosby
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Sidney Crosby is getting better after a concussion, but his doctors said he may not be able to play this season, as reported by sports news, September 7, 2011.

Crosby himself announced that he would not be training with the Pittsburgh Penguins because he has to get well 100% before his doctors would allow him to play again.

He was called “The Next One,” because he was highly preferred during drafts. In 2009, Crosby has also won the Stanley Cup. He also became the youngest captain to win the championship.

According to further reports, his concussion was caused by hard blows to his head, which his doctors said, can become serious if not monitored properly.

Dr. Michael Collins, Dr. Ted Carrick of the Pittsburgh Consol Energy Center, said that Sidney Crosby’s recovery would be slow, as well.

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