Sicily’s Mount Etna Erupted in Spectacular Fashion (Video)

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Mount Etna in one of its spectacular eruptions, Image dredit:

Sicily’s Mount Etna had erupted in a spectacular fashion as it lit the sky in the evening with its spewed ashes and lava.  This is according to International news sites. January 12, 2011.  Mount Etna, also called by some locals as the “Mountain of Fire,” had constantly erupted in the past, providing a spectacular show for people within the vicinity of Catania and Messina in Italy. The good thing about these minor eruptions, is that no one gets injured usually.

Mount Etna’s elevation at 3,328m makes it readily visible from a distance. The shower of lava which lighted up the sky the previous evening provided an incredible show. People who have never experienced the dangers of a volcanic eruption would not understand the magnitude of destruction that the fiery, “beautiful” mountain could inflict on Sicily’s inhabitants.

Sicilian scientists are monitoring closely further volcanic activities.

A picture of Mount Etna during a peaceful day.

Image credit:

This is the YouTube video uploaded by JeegBOT, of the actual eruption, January 2011.

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